Anthony Yang is for real

The more I hear and learn about Anthony Yang who is running for 2020 President, the more he interests me. The “freedom dividend” of giving every American $1000 / month is are really good idea. I could support that as an approach to help homeless and for retirees that need the extra money. I can see Burien retirees losing their homes because they can’t afford property taxes being able to keep their home as this boosts Social Security.

Conservative Resurgence YouTube Channel

YouTube “Conservative Resurgence” has a history of doing videos on the deterioration of California. When I listen to him, I think about 5-10 years later, the same will happen in Seattle and therefore Burien.

Just like it took 5-10 years for the same politics, homelessness, urban sprawl, climate change, population density, high home prices to come to Seattle as it happened in San Francisco.

Having local government run by single issue, activists idealogue is destructive and will ultimately destroy the character and fiscal structure of Burien. There’s a reason these people are in government and not leading companies as they are incapable of being successful in a business environment.