Is City Services Responsive to Citizens?

I come from a high tech background so I have ideas on how the city can collaborate between both city employees and provide transparency and involvement with Burien residents.   The goal of the City Council should be to create a highly effective organization where city staff feel safe and strive to provide residents a great experience when interacting with city services.

More and more businesses and cities are measuring customer experience and satisfaction (“C-SAT”) as a key way to improve their customer experience, products and brand.  Burien should also look to measure our residents satisfaction with their encounters with city services. 

Therefore, the city should look into the ability to have a better understanding of which city services are doing a great job and what areas could be improved on in a continuous feedback loop.   These measurements should be used for evaluating city departments, staff and be directly tied to compensation and performance evaluations for City department heads.

I really like the streaming of city council meetings and we should make some improvements to include real-time streaming of the council meetings and methods where citizens can provide real-time feedback as the meeting are happening.

Since I’ve worked in high-tech for my entire career, I promise I’ll take an interest in having a great communications infrastructure, improve customer satisfaction (aka “C-SAT”) and setup live streaming and collaboration between city leaders, employees and Burien residents.

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